Coles Catalogue Halloween 18 – 24 Oct 2023

Coles Catalogue Halloween 18 – 24 Oct 2023 is a new sale for the spooky day of the year. Celebrate with party inviting your friends and family with awesome treats, tasty foods, and spooky decorations. Coles sells quite a few items at half prices. You can see a serious number of them in the early parts of the new catalogue. Save half on coconut water, sports drinks, dishwashing tablets and more items on pg 2-3. Also, the Halloween sale is not limited to this catalogue. The grocery catalogue contains a few items but you might wanna check out the best buys catalogue for more Halloween decorations and treats:

Coles Catalogue Halloween 18 - 24 Oct 2023

Explore deals on products like LED light effect, halloween figures, LED spider garden stakes in that catalogue. Here are what you can find in the Halloween category of Coles Catalogue 18 – 24 Oct 2023:

  • Halloween Solar Meerkat 22cm $20
  • Halloween Beware Sign $5
  • Halloween Novelty Mug $9
  • Halloween Wrist Band $6
  • Assorted Make Up Kit $6
  • Australian Jack O Lantern Pumpkin $3.50
  • Australian Zombie Mandarins 700g Pack $2.90
  • Halloween Decorative Tinsel 2m $10

½ price deals from Halloween treats:

  • Cadbury Sharepacks 144g-180g $2.50
  • Cadbury Favourites Big Share 820g $32
  • The Natural Confectionery Co 180g-230g $2

You can earn BBQ credits to get free BBQ products. Early Christmas deals are already here. Stock up some Christmas treats. We can also see these items from the Christmas sale in Coles Catalogue:

  • Coles Christmas Advent Calendar 240g $14.50
  • Coles Festive Chocolate Drizzle Stars 175g $5.50
  • Coles Festive Gingerbread Decorating Kit 8 Pack 343g $10.50
  • Coles Festive Rudolph Biscuits 240g $5

If you browse all pages of this catalogue, you will see quite a few half-price items. Subscribe to the newsletter of to receive more deals like Coles Catalogue Halloween 18 – 24 Oct 2023.

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