Coles Catalogue Halloween Snack Sale 9 – 15 Oct 2019

Buy your favourite soda packs at lower prices for Halloween at Coles supermarket. A special selection of Halloween candies, snacks, chips, soda, and more products are in this week’s Coles Catalogue. Fanta or Sprite 1.25L will be 2/$3.30 on Wednesday. Buying soda in Summer can be costly. You always need to have some refreshment and if you don’t act carefully you might end up spending excessive amounts during your shopping trip for the regular grocery products. I think browsing the Coles Catalogue before you go shopping can be a useful caution regarding that possibility. G Active electrolyte water of 600mL bottle is a half-price deal at Coles. Shop Powerade, Monster Energy Drink, Kirks Soft drinks, and more in this aisle. Find chips of Smith’s, CC’s, and candies like M&M’s on pg 21. Coles snack range is relatively narrower than the previous week. Game snacks were a bigger hype than these.

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