Coles Catalogue Halloween Snacks 24 – 30 Oct 2018

Halloween sale is one of the most popular deals in all catalogues. In this post, you can check out the favourite candies, chips, deli food, top brands, a lot of half-price products, costumes, jack o’ lantern, and decorative accessories to celebrate Halloween. If you are interested in such parties and hang around with your favourite character’s costume, Coles might be a little help. Find nice prices, discounts, and special products in this range of products. Visit pg 8-9 for more snacks and beverage. Find products like Thins potato chips, Mars Maltesers, Peckish rice crackers and more on pg 8-9. Other than half prices, weekly price drops of KitKat, Eclipse, Arnott’s and Kettle products are also featured. Arnott’s shapes and jatz are $2. 600mL bottle of Gatorade sports drink will cost $2.15! Ocean Spray fruit drink is only $3.65! Check out the prices of hot drinks like Twinings English breakfast tea, Lavazza coffee, Moccona and more on pg 11. Breakfast food like LeSnak, Jordan’s Granola or Oat clusters are also sold at half prices.

Half-Price Deals on snacks and drinks:

Also, see the pantry and breakfast food, Spring foods, new recipes, fresh produce, Aussie grown products, deli-bakery products, quick and simple meals, dairy and more categories in the Coles Catalogue where you can follow on our Facebook page.

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