Coles Catalogue Health Products 24 – 30 Oct 2018

Blackmores mineral and vitamin tablets cost half the regular prices this week. See pg 33 for magnesium, fish oil, mega B complex tablets, and many more. You can also find Colgate Plax fresh mint mouthwash, manual toothbrush at ½ prices. Dove products are also in the half-price range. Foam, soap, and shampoo of Dove are super products people prefer to have as an item in their inventory of personal care products. Baby products like Huggies bulk nappies, lightly fragranced or unscented baby wipes and more are featured items in the Coles Catalogue. Don’t miss out these good deals, and follow the deals from the future catalogues on our Facebook page. You may save a lot on groceries, snacks, fresh products, and these non-food categories. You can also find pet foods at half prices, chemical cleaning items and more.

Dove personal care and more products:

½ Price deals on health products:

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