Coles Catalogue Healthy Specials 2 – 8 Dec 2015

ALL ABOUT HEALTH AT COLESColes Catalogue Healthy Specials 2 - 8 Dec 2015

As you can see in catalogue, our nature is very bountiful. There is many healthful and delicious Australian grown products awaiting for you. I recommend you firstly, Aussie Cherries. This fresh harvest on sale with good price. You can see how is saturated and fresh looks. Also in colesfresh rayon, you can find other great harvests. All of them Australian Grown and fresh. Asian Greens variety is really wide. Organic products on top this week. Brushed potatoes and carrot good choice as sliced cup or button mushrooms. Actually in Coles have everything you need for a light salads. In rush hours they could be great healthy snacks. E.g. vine ripened cherry tomatoes and Asians greens always delicious couple. Asian green 3 for $5. Season harvests always fresh and delicious. In pg 20 you can find a salad recipe. This salad is Coles special, South East Asian Slaw, light and healthy. You can see method and ingredients in same page. 4-6 people serves and 25 mins prep+cook time.

Not just veg and fruits, you can find healthy choices at other categories. For mornings, nice&natura chocolate muesli bars could be great start of day. Also SIRENA tuna is Italian style fish canned as John West Red Salmon. As you can see, in Coles there is many healthy products on shelves.

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