Coles Catalogue Home Specials 18 – 24 Nov 2015

Featuring in this catalogue you can find good products for your home design and needs.


This week high quality products with low price ever you seen. One of the most need at home ; fruit & veg. Coles has special offer about it. Aussie fresh nectarines, mushrooms, cucumber, peaches and Kent pumpkins on sale. These products grownup at your country. Pure Australian grown and flavor. You may reach this flavor in colesfrrsh rayon. Also you can keep your products in sistema klip it. This product keeps away foods from air %100. With fruit blender you will be your kitchen health source. Quite good material easy to use and assorted in 4 colors. Slicer blender is really cool solution if your kids doesn’t like eating fruits or veg. Slice in blender and drink with fun.

Sometimes you need, decoration touches for home. Snowflake style, light up glitter tree and their little decoration objects are available in stocks. Self care products on sale 1/2 price. Nivea Men shaving gel, toothpaste, weet spawax – new -, sun silk shampoo and conditioner and Nivea rich body lotion discounted perfectly for you. Stay battle-ready ! Duracel coppertop battery varieties guaranteed for 10 years in storage ! Long life battery here.

Coles discounts at hygiene products. Try OMO sensitve products, you will change your product you were using. Handee Ultra, Ultra Strong and absorbent. This soft paper is great choice for sensitive skins. Not every remover effects like, Vanish oxi action. Vanish Oxi stain remover will save your life ! In alcohol category, you can save $28 with Bundle packs. 1 Litre alcohols you can save $7-$10 ea.

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