Coles Catalogue Household Deals 1 – 7 Nov 2017

Coles Catalogue Household Deals 1 - 7 Nov 2017Coles Catalogue offers some good deals for the personal care items. Shop the Listerine mouthwash, Oral B toothbrush, Oral B Vitality, and Sensodyne toothpaste or similar products on pg 31-32 for good prices until Wednesday. Half prices for personal care products can be seen on pg 32. Aveeno moisturizing lotion is one of the most popular daily used consumable. Take a look at the price range for Aveeno, and like-class items from brands like Head&Shoulders, L’Oreal Elvive. Hair colours, might be also interesting for you. Perhaps, 40% off Aveeno’s regular price is an interesting deal as well. Down down prices for baby care products and 480 baby wipes, Baby Love nappy pants are featured.

Half prices are for personal care items:

If you need to renew or refill the chemicals for cleaning, go to pg 35 for a good half price range. 4 products of popular brands, effective cleaners, are available on pg 36. Besides, general home supplies are not forgotten in this catalogue.

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