Coles Catalogue Household Products 25 – 31 October 2017

Coles Catalogue Household Products 25 - 31 October 2017Half prices by Coles are the most popular deals of all catalogues. People love to pay half price of the regular value. Not only food products at Coles supermarket catalogues. You can get personal items at half prices. Colgate Plax is one of the most popular mouthwash and it will be $3.25 which is the half price of the regular value by Coles. It’s an advantage to see so prestigious brands purchasable at so low prices. As always, the catalogue contained general home products and that includes storage. Food and drink storage can be found on pg 31. Besides, Coles could be a good place to find affordable rates of mobile services. That covers mobile phones like Optus 4G Alcatel POP 5″ and Telstra prepaid OPPO A57.

Coles has a wonderful selection of baby products. See baby care products on pg 33:

A half price range for personal care products:

1/2 prices:

Chemicals for effective cleaning would cut half the time you use for cleaning. That’s a huge saving in money and time. Omo, Vanish, Dynamo, Finish products are going to be available on sale at Coles supermarkets. Check out pg 35-36 for the half prices:

Down down prices for Quilton, Ultra, Duracell, Aerogard and Radiant. Visit pg 37 for these prices and go to pg 38 for pet supplies. Pedigree dog food will cost half and Whiskas cat food will be $5. Those are half prices by Coles.

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