Coles Catalogue Ice cream Specials 4 – 10 Nov 2015

Coles Catalogue Ice cream Specials 4 – 10 Nov 2015 is available now ! Everyone is celebrating the summer is coming And ice
cream is delicious way to celebrate. Coles sure about Streets ice cream will be your best friend in this summer with these tasty products. And we have good news for you ;

Goodbye Winter !Coles Catalogue Ice Cream Specials 4 - 10 Nov 2015

Streets unique flavors waiting for you in freezers ! A lot of frozen flavors available to check at Coles now. You can have limitless enjoy with these ice creams. Paddle pop contains milk and its healthy. You can trust Streets’ products. These ice creams contribute your child’s healthy growth. Coles Catalogue Ice cream Specials 4 – 10 Nov 2015 is full of perfect ice cream varieties. You can check for finding your favorite flavor of this summer. With unique flavors and great prices you can not say no to these ice creams. Feel fresh and relax after a tired day. Not only for kids but also for adults, ice cream enjoy is endless.

Magnum Americana Arrived !

Streets Magnum is now available in 4-6 packs in Coles. As you check Coles Catalogue, Americana series are looks really very tasty. There is four different amazing flavor in packs. With Streets’s packs you can celebrate warm summer days which days you miss. You can find more ice cream products on sale in Coles Catalogue.

Products in post;

Streets Paddle Pop 10 Pack-12 Pack $5 PG 16
Streets Dragon Popper 8 Pack 376mL, Cyclone Water Ice 8 Pack 690mL, Fruttare Fruit Smoothie 4 Pack 300 mL Calippo 10 Pack 575mL $5
Streets Viennetta Dessert 600mL or Splice  Pine Lime Milk Ice 8 Pack 584mL $5
Streets Americano Peanut Butter Crunch, Chocolate Cookie Crumble, EGO Double Caramel, Almound 4 Pack or 6 Pack 360mL- 468mL $5 PG 18


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