Coles Catalogue Little Shop 2 Minis 24 – 30 Jul 2019

Apparently, customers of Coles loved the Little Shop 2 minis and reports from the news indicate a crowded Coles stores this week and the last. Coles Catalogue also promotes this sale with a limited edition complete case. You can win this case for your purchases. For example, on the cover page you can buy half-price items that are participating in this deal. Win Limited Edition Coles Little Shop 2 purchasing these products from the catalogue:

The deals are effective from 24th July:

Buy these and scan your flybuy card in order to get a chance to win one of these. Remember that these collectable toys are possible to sell on sites like eBay. Some sell them for 3x cost of their regular price. A lot of people like collectable products and collectors can buy them for a good price. News is right to fuss about Coles Little Shop 2 minis. There is even a new site to swap your collectables. is a website for those who love these minis. You can swap your toys there. The site’s main aim is to prevent over-priced minis. There are posts of people there. “Looking for swap”, “weetbix and gingerbread”, “looking for little shop 2”.

Some people found ultra-rare minis. The rare ones were sold for prices like 10k, 50k on eBay last year. Golden Stikeez is an example for it and this year Coles has Golden Trolley. If you want to get a rare one, try the busy stores of Coles since they would have more stocks of minis. Thereby, your chance will increase to get a rare mini collectable of Coles Little Shop 2.

Normally the prices of minis are like $2, $8, $10 and so on. For example, the price of Little Shop Cardboard shop is $10. Spend $30 to get a free mini collectable. 30 new free minis are available now at Coles.

Win A Little Shop 2 Limited Edition Complete Case

More products to win a Coles limited edition case:

You can find these in pantry and dairy categories, too. More items to win:

Non-Food Products to win:

That should be all of the products you can purchase to win that case. Coles Catalogue is here for you to browse. Also, see Woolworths Catalogue Lion King collectable Ooshies which is a competitive kind of thing right now.