Coles Catalogue Little Shop 2 Minis 31 Jul – 6 Aug 2019

Collect the free minis with your purchases using the Coles Catalogues. This event has been very popular among the customers of Coles so far. Half-price deals and participating items are in this sale. You can buy Chobani yogurt pouch or tub for $1.12 which is a half-price saving. Download the app of Coles to manage your scans and unlock little dancers. Check out popular Little Shop minis on pg 3. Among all of these, you have also limited edition complete case products. That case can be yours when you shop any of the products shown on pg 3. Colgate Advanced whitening & tartar control toothpaste, Prime Sliced meat, and more items are in that range.

Check out these products and Little Shop 2 Minis on Coles Catalogue:

Win a limited edition complete case:

Coles Snack Sale 31 Jul

If you have a lot of favourite snacks that you can find at Coles, then chances are high you will find one of your things in the snack category of Coles. Maltesers, Starburst, Cadbury Oreo cookies, and more are on sale. Some of them are among the half-price deals. Like many, I like to try new snacks and chocolate is kind of my weakness. Try the new products at Coles. Browse Cadbury’s biscuit bars and coconut flavour with their new prices on pg 6. Read the catalogue more to see more items to win a limited case. Mount Franklin Springwater 20x500mL will cost only $7.75!

Save on Gatorade, Monster Energy Drink, Thins, Arnott’s Shapes and Jatz, and many more products. Find pantry and other grocery categories in this catalogue. Increase your chance to win and save.

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  1. Why aren’t Coles minis available in the liquor section, this should definitely be considered for the future.

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