Coles Catalogue Mothers Day Gifts and Weekly Specials 6 May

Coles Catalogue Mothers day gifts are highlighted on cover page. Coles Catalogue Mothers Day Gifts and Weekly Specials 6 MayThis is another regular sale of Coles grocery, deli and other food departments. Content of this catalogue leads all customers to big savings. Chocolates, gifts, canned food, confectionary and good meat products are heavily mentioned in this catalogue. Take a look at it to save more getting top quality from the supermarket. Don’t miss out this great chance to reach the best experience of the shopping online. In addition this is a good example of gift catalogues.


Among this week’s specials of Coles supermarket there are meat products and seafood. See new seafood on pg; 6&7. A great chance to save on this shopping is available in the Coles Catalogue.
Salami, ham, deli products of meat on pg; 6. (Coles Specials)
Seafood like prawns and basa fillets thawed on pg; 7.
Dairy products like yoghurt on pg; 9.
And another Coles Specials on pg; 8.

Coles Breakfast Products

Again we got another breakfast food range on the new catalogue. It is a good one with the half price specials. And of course our favorite cereals, jam and chocolate varieties are featured on that section which you start browsing on pg; 12.
Coffee varieties and snacks on pg; 12.
Cereals, corn flakes, Nutella spread on pg; 13.


Chocolate products and flowers which are available from 8th May 2015 in Coles stores are what we can see from the Mothers Day gifts range of the Coles Catalogue.
Lindt Lindor Gift Boxes chocaolates $5.75 pg; 27
Cadbury Favourites Gift Box $10
Mars chocolates $5
Coles Mud cake $4.50

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