Coles Catalogue New Free Mini Collectables 17 – 23 Jul 2019

Coles introduces 30 new free mini collectables. This is Little Shop 2 on Coles Catalogue. You will be able to collect shopping accessories like cash register, shopping bag, shopping trolley, and more of small toy-like accessories. Grocery products like Nutella are Little Shop items and people got in line for these. Coles recently launched these items and you can already see news about the events about these toys. Some people waited in line for hours to get all the 30. Especially kids liked these toys while there are many toy sale catalogues going on. The minis are viewable on pg 2-3. Win Coles Little Shop 2 items with your purchases. Limited edition complete case can be yours with the purchases on pg 3. Buy them and scan your flybuys card. They are not the only participating items to the event. Go to to find out more about 30 new minis of the Little Shop 2. These will be available in store on Wednesday.

Coles Little Shop 2 Minis on this catalogue:

100 of The limited case will be given to customers weekly.

Buy these products and scan flybuy card to win more Little Minis:

Coles Catalogue Pantry, Back To School, and Fresh Food

Save with the Coles deals on Nestlé cereals, coco pops, LCM’s, and more breakfast foods. Save $1.50 on Milo that will be $6. Nature Valley Crunchy bars will cost $3.25 and it’s a $1.45 saving. Buy LeSnak, Vegemite, and more products on pg 5. With your vegemite purchases, you have a chance to win limited edition Little Shop 2 Minis. Weet-Bix and more breakfast foods are in the range of Coles Catalogue 17 – 23 Jul. Buy SPC beans 4 pack for $3. Pack your lunch for school with Coles specials. Australian kids pack apples of 1kg pack will cost $2.50. To store your lunch, there is a simple and practical product available on pg 7. Buy cook & dine fresh square food container for $3 and enjoy your meal on lunch break.

Buy these products at Coles this week:

Fresh produce is mostly Australian fruits and vegetables including potatoes, strawberries, iceberg lettuce, cucumbers, and more on pg 10-11. Australian grown and no-added hormone meat is one of the basics of meat sale in all Coles Catalogues. Buy Australian gravy beef for only $14. Options of meat products are available on the meat section on pg 10-11. Beef Scotch fillet steak is gonna be $31/kg. Save $4 per kg of that steak.

Coles Bakery, Fridge, and Deli Sale

Buy low GI bread for high-quality calories from healthy carbs. Wonder Active bread is one of the low GI bread types that are available on Coles Catalogue 21 – 27 Jul 2019. That bread is new at Coles. Shop half-price deals of Golden Crumpet, Mr. Kipling cakes, and more on pg 13. One of the best categories is, of course, the deli. Pack your lunch sandwiches preparing it with Don products. Coles offers a lower price for these products. Save $1.30 on Don sliced meat. Fresh saddletail snapper fillets, Don Honey Leg ham, and more products are on sale starting on Wednesday. Shop Chobani fit yogurt, Coles chicken parma pizza, and more products on pg 16-17. Some of these products are chances to win Little Shop 2 Minis.

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