Coles Catalogue Non-Food 4 – 10 Jul 2018 | Kitchen, Cleaning, Bathroom, Personal Care

This is the non-food part of Coles Catalogue which contains products from kitchenware, pharmacy, personal care, baby care, dental care, pet food categories. You can also find DVD movies and various products for the household. Use the advantage of finding these products in a Coles Catalogue which usually offers the low prices comparing to standard market prices for such products. Coles always tries to bring the premium quality whatever the category of the product is.

Kitchen Ware and Food Storage

Find fry pans, plastic and healthy food storage, cookware, and new products on pg 27. Shop small gadgets like scissors that would be needed in kitchen works. For example, Coles cook & dine avocado storer is a vice choice of item to have around. Also, everyday prices apply to these products.

Pharmacy and Personal Care

Health care products are always a part of weekly Coles Catalogues. Again, you can find awesome hair care products. Top brands are available. Shampoo and conditioners, strenght tablets, honey&lemon, shower gels, nurofen, L’Oreal Paris skin care products are some good offers on pg 28-29.

New products at Coles in personal care:

Relievers and other pharmacy deals:

More products are available in hair care. Find the half-price deals on shampoos and more products on pg 31. Also, razors of Gillette like Mach3 and baby care products are available on pg 30. Half price discounts apply to Gillette products. Gillette Mach3 turbo razor kit 1 pack will be $6.75 and comfort shave gel of 195g is $3.14 at Coles. Huggies Baby wipes of 240 pk will cost only $12.

½ prices hair care products:

If you are a fan of half prices, there is a huge sale on pg 32. Blackmores products there are all available for the half prices. Among these, hair & skin tablets, strength, magnesium, vitamins, fish oil, performance multi-tablets and bio magnesium tablets. Oral care products, and of course, the half-price deals on Oral-B products are available on pg 33. Shop the healthiest way of dental care and find Coles personal care products at lower prices in the catalogue.

Cleaning Chemicals and Pet Products

Take care of your home and pets with premium quality items. Modern life and comfortable daily life are possible with the fairly-priced products. Effective cleaning is a part of our daily life. Check out the products from top brands on pg 34 where you can find Coles half price deals.

Pet Products

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