Coles Catalogue Pantry Sale 20 – 26 Mar 2019

Packs of soft drinks like coke, Gatorade, Pepsi, Solo, Schweppes, Berri Fruit Juice, and more are available in the drinks & snack sale of Coles Catalogue. See the details of these on pg 16&17. Favourite chocolate brands like Cadbury are the main things to find in the snack range of Coles. You have Snickers Toblerone, Cadbury Dairy milk, Infuzions, Red Rock Deli Chips, and more are going to cost only half this week at Coles Stores. Browse them on pg 17. You will feel fine with the refreshment coming with your favourite soda drink. They are the favourite brands of everyone. I recommend everyone stocking up these snacks while they have the chance of buying them at these low prices.
Red Rock Deli chips, Mars, Thins, CC’s, and more are on sale. Save $8 on Ferrero Rocher chocolate 30 pack that is only $11 at Coles starting on Wed. Arnott’s fruits & roots biscuits will cost only $4.50! Save $1.50 on that special and new product at Coles. Sirena Tuna fish is also a special deal. 425g can is $5.50 and 185g cans will be $3.30. Seafood for Lent is an interesting and tasty part of the Coles grocery this week. You can learn new recipes. Salmon, Beans & Pea Risotto recipe is on pg 23. Necessary ingredients for this recipe are on sale.

½ price:

More candies, snacks, and chocolate:

If you are someone like me who hates cooking, canned meal variety of brands like Heinz are exactly for you. They are cheaper than eating out. Find many more products and categories in the pantry-snacks part of the latest Coles Catalogue. Follow our Facebook page to get these on your feed. Subscribe to get emails.

Pantry deals and more grocery ½ prices and good deals:

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