Coles Catalogue Personal Care 29 Nov – 5 Dec 2017

Coles Catalogue Personal Care 29 Nov - 5 Dec 2017Coles Catalogue got a new range of products consisting of only half prices on pg 31-32. This is just a small part of non-food sale of this catalogue. It contains dental care items including only the reliable brands like Head and Shoulders, Gillette and more. You will find Colgate toothpaste, Palmolive liquid soap and more personal care products on these pages for only ½ price of the regular values. Also, makeup items, cosmetics and skin care are actually available but not all of them are half priced.

Every week Coles has special deals on household products and personal care items. It’s easy to make a shopping list with using these catalogues. Besides, it’s possible for you to check out cleaning supplies, consumables like bathroom tissues and laundry chemicals. Omo products will be on sale until next catalogue.

Take a look at the Coles prices for these personal care products:

Boos the amounts of savings with the half prices and subscribe for more deals.

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