Coles Catalogue Personal Care 8 – 14 Aug 2018

Non-food part of the latest Coles Catalogue has a wonderful product range. You can find definitely useful things like Nivea deep clean shaving gel of 200mL that will cost only $4! Save a sweet $2 on that single item. Another one is Gillette Mach 3 razor kit. Gillette has been a definitive brand in razor industry and I am sure everyone will love that deal by Coles! This amazing Gillette product will be only $6.50! So it will be a cool $2.99 profit for all Coles customers! Do you want to hear more from this category? Well, of course there are more products like Lynx, Redwin sorbolene moisturiser of 1L and Blackmores odourless fish oil 1000mg capsules of 200pack. That last one is a ½ price deal! It’s not over yet;


More personal care, baby products, and health care products are available on pg 30-31 of the catalogue. I believe there is a favourite item of yours there for a nice price. If you are seeking a particular product, leave us a comment or subscribe to the category on our Facebook page where we share the important moments, posts, future catalogues.

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