Coles Catalogue Personal Care Deals 22 – 28 Aug 2018

Coles Catalogue personal care category is viewable on pg 28-29. Colgate optic white high impact toothpaste, pro relief toothpaste, and more dental products are on sale. You should see all these products to save more in the total shopping of the week. You can also take care of what you are in lack of. Palmolive, Nivea, Olay and more personal care brands are in pg 28. Also, find Coles little shop items which is an on-going sale at Coles. Collect as many items as you can with the participating item purchases.

Baby care products is another category where Huggies nappy pants, Nestle toddler formulas, Comfy bots baby wipes are on sale. You can also find half prices of Swisse tablets including Magnesium, Mega B+, Multi Vitamin tablets and more.

Find Gillette razors on sale on pg 32. Fusion manual razor, and cartridge are $6.99 and $28. The razor is only half-price deal at Coles supermarket. More products from this category can be found on pg 28-32.

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