Coles Catalogue Sale 10 – 16 Jun 2020 | Grocery

Coles Catalogue Sale 10 - 16 Jun 2020Read new recipes, try new things, and shop at affordable costs for your weekly shopping at Coles supermarket. Coles Catalogue Sale 10 – 16 Jun demonstrates how to save more this week and it introduces some of the best meals of different cuisines from all around the world. For example, read about a recipe of “Ratatouille Soup with cheese tortellini” on the first page of the catalogue. The recipes actually build up the first part of the new catalogue. First, half-price deals can be browsed on pg 5. Have a look at the new deals of Twinings English Breakfast tea, Continental cup a soup, Uncle Tobys Oats, and Core Powerfoods frozen meat or pizza on pg 5.

There are countless recipes to try involving meat, deli products, chicken, and some fish, too. They are going to be some of the new deals as well. Buy fresh Australian Ocean Barramundi skin on portions for only $29/kg.

Coles Fridge Food Deals

This week, fill your fridge with some yoghurt or dip sauces. You’ll have access to many types of delicious foods when you open your fridge. Shop at Coles supermarket to get them at lower costs. Track these deals on pg 13. Cheese and smoked salmon are also on sale. Coon tasty cheese slices 500g will cost only $6.80 which is $1.80 cheaper than the regular price.

Coles Pantry – Grocery Sale

Basic foods will also be on sale this week at Coles. Coles Catalogue Sale 10 - 16 Jun 2020The details of the products that are the actual ingredients of your meals. You’ll be able to see the prices of beans, salad dressing, mayonnaise, pasta, and sorts. Breakfast food is also a group of products that is available under the pantry category. Plenty of new half prices are available in this part of the catalogue.

The best thing to recognize is your favourite packaged ready meals being on sale. They have a really good range of products that can be really practical and quick. Or cook some delicious foods with some olive oil. Moro El Primero Extra Virgin olive oil 1L will cost only $9.

Frozen Food and Ice Cream

Also, think of your freezer, too. If you have a really busy daily life, coming home late every day, and find nowhere to eat or time to cook, I think it would be really comfortable to find some nice foods in your freezer. Stock up some ice cream or frozen food to use the vegetables for your recipe later. A lot of nice things are going to be on sale.Coles Catalogue Sale 10 - 16 Jun 2020

Ice cream and frozen snacks at half prices:

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