Coles Catalogue Sale 20 – 26 May 2020 | New Prices

Coles Catalogue Sale 20 - 26 May 2020Shop new deals by Coles Catalogue regarding perfect meat and snacks. Lamb is again one of the promoted products in a Coles Catalogue. Lamb forequarter chops will cost $15/kg. at Coles this week. You can find half-price snacks on the same page. V energy drink will be $4.92 which is a half price. Lamb is one of the easiest meats to cook stovetop. That’s beacuse of its fat distribution and durability against high heat. It won’t dry out like beef. But surely, if you know the way to cook beef, it will be tender as well. You can save $10 on Coles Australian lamb cutlets large tray this week. A new recipe is also available. Coles Catalogue Sale 20 – 26 May is not the only content to see today. Read the recipe for beef& thyme burgers. Its method and ingredients are on pg 7.

Shop some fresh fruits today. Coles sells these fruits and vegetables if you are interested:

Coles Deli, Patisserie, Seafood Deals This Week

A great range of these products is also available in the grocery sale of Coles Catalogue. Barramundi, prawns, sliced meat, salmon, and more products are seafood items to see on pg 11. Shop some classic deli meat that is delicious flavours for a pasta meal, too. Primo Cacciatori will cost $4.80 at Coles this week.

Buy Coles Fridge Food, Sauces, Yoghurt, and Check out Breakfast Sale

Open your fridge and find delicious food all the time. Some nice refreshing beverage, great pro-biotic source; Greek yoghurt, fruit-flavored dairy products, and ready meals. Beef Lasagne is only $10. Coles family serves a meal is $10 each. Cheese variety is a part of this category. You can buy Tasmanian heritage double brie for half price. Coles has the deals of bread, too. Coles bakery rustic baguette is only $2.50 ea.Coles Catalogue Sale 20 - 26 May 2020

You can see some popular, crispy, and delicious breakfast snacks on Coles Catalogue. To me, the best part of the breakfast are eggs and cheese. Both are full of protein and you might also want some milk. Nutella hazelnut spread needs no introduction. This week, save $1.75 on Nutella. Oat-based snacks, weet-bix, and more deals are also available on pg 17.

Coles Pantry Products and Olive Oil

Make a list of ingredients for dinner ideas. Or just check out what they have in stores, decide later. It’s a good strategy, too. When you have some green vegetables and some olive oil at home, the possibilities are endless. At the very least, you can make a great cheese salad.

Coles also has a single page that offers only coffee and tea. With the guidance of that page, you’ll buy the top quality products at the best prices. Twinings English breakfast tea is one of the best tea bags and it’s half-price deal at Coles supermarket. Coles Catalogue Sale 20 – 26 May also offers snacks, beverage, chocolate, and more products this week.Coles Catalogue Sale 20 - 26 May 2020