Coles Catalogue Sale 25 – 31 Mar 2020

Coles Catalogue Sale 25 - 31 Mar 2020Coles and Woolworths published new catalogues today but they are not full catalogues. Normally, you would see at least 40 pages of specials and new deals in their catalogue but this week, due to the high demand, they published much shorter catalogues. However, I am sure new catalogues will be coming in the weeks to come. Easter is an important factor in this situation. In this catalogue; you can find a Covid-19 update about community hours, online priority service, hot cross buns, fresh produce, new recipes, Easter chocolates, gift cards, and liquorland deals. On the last page, you can also find mobile phones. Samsung Galaxy A20, Vodafone starter packs, and more items are available in the new range. You can buy traditional Hot cross buns 6 pack for $3.50 pk. Check out more products from the fresh sale and read the recipes on Coles Catalogue Sale 25 – 31 Mar 2020.

Learn to cook like a real chef with Coles recipes. There are ways to cook an ingredient. For example, peas are possible to be cooked in six different ways. Pea soup, vegetable risotto, fat fish pie, unique fried rice, pea hommus, and more products are available on pg 7. While you stay at home, you can cook all of these recipes.

Coles Easter Products

Surely, Easter is coming and even though it’s a hard time, people will find to celebrate this special day. Not together. Only with your family or whoever you live with. Practice social distancing no matter what. Cadbury’s special selection is one of the parts of the new Coles Catalogue.

More chocolates and candies for Easter:

Gift cards, home and Easter products, 10% off gift cards, and cleaning supplies are also in the catalogue. You can shop dishwashing tablets, Omo laundry powder, Cold power laundry liquid capsules, Bref, and many more items. Naturally, there are not as many half prices as there were in the previous weeks. But it’s only temporary. You can be sure about that. Subscribe to the newsletter for more deals like Coles Catalogue Sale 25 – 31 Mar 2020.

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