Coles Catalogue Sale 26 Feb – 3 Mar 2020 | The Rarest Stikeez

Coles Catalogue Sale 26 Feb - 3 Mar 2020Win a free stikeez with $30 purchase at Coles supermarket this week. The new half prices are currently in the catalogue. These deals will be valid starting on the 26th of Feb. Schweppes, Kettle chips, and John West canned tuna fish is going to cost half this week. Like last year, Coles rare stikeez will be one of the things customers will search. The rarest stikeez has been chosen to be the Golden Avocado. If you unwrap that stikeez, you will win Smeg Fab28 fridge which is a cool red fridge, and a $100 Coles gift card. Most people recommend crowded Coles stores to seek a rare stikeez since they have more stocks. Subscribe to the newsletter for more deals like Coles Catalogue Sale 26 Feb – 3 Mar 2020.

Salads mean something at Coles this week. When you buy Australian large bagged salads, it’ll be a $.10 donation to Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden foundation. Bagged salads on pg 3 will cost $5 pk. Also, you can see more things related to Aussie fresh farm products like carrots and snow peas.

Items of Coles Catalogue This Week

Don’t stop there and continue your shopping with the delicious meat and deli items. Pack your lunch with some quality lunch meat. Don Honey leg ham will cost $20/kg. If you like to grill, I can recommend you to buy some Coles Australian lamb cutlets which are high in fat but they really taste great. 2-3 pieces of these in a month won’t hurt much.

Coles Fridge Food and Seafood for Lent

Coles Catalogue Sale 26 Feb - 3 Mar 2020Check out some food products to fill your fridge on the new Coles Catalogue. Spreadable products, lunch meat slices, cheese blocks, and similar items are interesting deals on the new catalogue. Chobani flip yoghurt is a great example of what you can find in the fridge category. Shop seafood for lent if you are fasting this year. Practical canned products are vital when you are fasting. Quick foods like frozen easy meals are also important to save your time. Many of them including exclusive items are available on pg 12-13:

Coles Pantry and Grocery Items

Fill your cabinet with the specials by Coles Catalogue. You have new deals of pantry products regarding the ingredients for cooking a good meal for dinner. Uncle Tobys, LeSnak, breakfast bars, corn flakes, and cereals are available in the new pantry category by Coles Catalogue Sale 26 Feb – 3 Mar 2020. Supermarkets try to offer more healthy foods like old days. Look at the images from 60s, 70s. It’s a cliché thing to say but there is rarely a person who is fat in those old days. John West protein+ wholegrains pack is one of the healthy foods you may use for your lunch, too. Buy them at half prices this week. Pantry products of sorts can be seen on pg 23. Old El Paso Spice Mix, Edgell corn kernels, Black beans, and similar items on pg 23.

Coles Catalogue Sale 26 Feb - 3 Mar 2020Coles has got more than these in the pantry category. Buy some healthy foods and frozen products that are protein-rich. Probiotic products are also in this category.

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