Coles Catalogue Sale 29 Apr – 5 May 2020 | Grocery Products

Coles Catalogue Sale 29 Apr - 5 May 2020Coles sells meat for new prices this week. 4 products of the grocery and snack are half-price deals. All of them are viewable on the cover page. Buy beef porterhouse steak for $7/pk. It’s 240g. Salmon skin on recipe and ingredients and 6 more recipes that are focused on one ingredient. Coles Catalogue extends the recipe range. Learn 6 different ways to make dinner meals with rice. My favourite from that list is Korean-Style beef fried rice.  Coles Catalogue Sale 29 Apr – 5 May 2020 has more than that.

Coles has an exclusive ice cream sale. Premium ice cream products with flavours like almond and caramel. Visit pg 4 for details of that Coles ice cream range. Shop online at Coles to stay home and protect yourself from COVID-19 as much as possible. The lesser you contact with people the greater your chance of not getting caught.

Coles Fresh Produce

Buy kiwifruit, apples, pumpkin, potatoes, and more items of the fresh sale. Make great salads and stay healthy this week. Seasons change and it may get colder. Get your vitamins from their true source; fresh vegetables. Lettuce, variety of juicy fruits, and dry foods will help you in that manner.

Coles Meat, Deli, and Bakery

Find roasted meat and chicken drumsticks in the meat category of this Coles Catalogue. Australian Grown products can be your ingredients for perfect and easy dinner meals. Buy chicken drumsticks for $3.50/kg. All you need to do is to pour some oil in the baking pan and add some vegetables. Your favourite spices and put it in the oven. Loaf, wraps, cheese rolls, donuts, and more products are your lunch or breakfast in the bakery. Again, Coles offers the best prices.

Coles Fridge Food Deals

Coles Catalogue Sale 29 Apr - 5 May 2020Buy half-price cheese, yoghurt, flavoured milk, and more products in the fridge range. Yoghurt is a good probiotic and a tasty food, too. It can be a healthy snack to have while you are watching TV or your favourite movie on DVD. Some ready meals are also in the Coles fridge food sale.

Save on the finest brands of the coffee on pg 16. Buy Lavazza, Nescafe, Lipton tea, and more products for either half prices or discounted values. Snacks like chips are also an important part of the sale.

Coles Ice Cream and Frozen Food

Ice cream is one of the lightest desserts. Drumstick ice cream can be your final food when you have your dinner. It’ll suppress your urge of eating caused by the excess amount of insulin in your body. When you eat, it’ll seek more sugar. That’ll make you hungry even though you had enough energy in the first place. Check out pg 23-24 for ice cream deals, some canned soup, and more products. After that, you will see non-food products.

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