Coles Catalogue Snack Deals 10 – 16 Oct 2018

Half-price deals on John West tuna, Lynx deo, Finish Quantum ultimate, Nestlé or Allen’s block chocolate on the first page. Red Rock Deli chips, Majans bhuja deli style nuts and more products are featured items, too. Pepsi Max, M&M’s and Maltesers are on sale. You can restock candies and have them sweets around all the time with lowered prices by Coles supermarket. Kirks soft drink, Sprite, Fanta are down down deals. Price drops on Gatorade, V8, Powerade, Mother energy drink and more will cost less than regular this week. Also, back to school sale is another major category. Check out products like belVita biscuits, Peckish, Smith’s Crinkle cut potato chips, and more in the school range. Coles snack sale occupies the first 7 pages of the catalogue.

Cadbury old gold, Dark milk products will cost $3/ea. Save $2 on those sweet chocolate products. Delicious Allen’s medium bag, Pascall Marshmallows are also on sale. Discounts on eclipse, Kettle sea salt, Cranberry spray fruit drink are also interesting, too.

Beverage deals from Coles:

Browse Back to School snacks including belVita biscuits on pg 6-7. Highly popular products are interesting, sufficient, and probably the best things about school lunch deals from this catalogue.

The catalogue has categories like breakfast, deli, bakery, meat, fresh produce and much more. You can see all in the preview display. Follow our Facebook page where we share all the content about the Coles Catalogues.

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