Coles Catalogue Snack Deals 20 – 26 Feb 2019

Get your dinner in a pack, heat it to get an instant food for dinner or lunch. Deli products and frozen sale cover great foods like Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza, schnitzels, raw prawns, Birds Eye products, and more products. Perfect discounts from Coles Catalogue are available on pg 16-17 where you can see snacks. Favourite soft drinks including golden pash, Coca-Cola, Mother energy drink, Arnott’s Vita-Weat, Golden Circle cordial and more are available in this part of the catalogue. You will never see me when I recommend junk foods but I will not deny the joy of eating them. I also eat a lot of chips, pistachios, peanuts etc. If you want to restock some of these, you can see the price range for popular products on pg 18-19. M&M’s, KitKat, Lindt Excellence, Pascall, Arnott’s Tim Tam, Nestlé and more are the featured items for the lower prices. A new flavour of coke is available at Coles. Coca-Cola’s peach with no sugar is $3.15 as a special deal at Coles. It’s a 600mL bottle for that price. Check out a half-price deal on CC’s corn chips, Peckish, Pringles, Mars, and similar products. On the other side, the catalogue is not only providing the prices for snacks. Find grocery products including deli, meat, fresh produce, seafood, fresh fruits.

More half prices on snacks: