Coles Catalogue Snack Deals 3 – 9 Oct 2018 | Half-Price Sale

The first that you can browse in the latest Coles Catalogue is a snack sale. Two show only the half-price deals on Spam, John West, Nestle cooking chocolate, La Espanola olive oil, and more products. Lindt Lindor chocolate is among the half-priced deals from the snack range. Visit pg 4-5 for more deals in the snack sale. Restock the chips, chocolate bars, mint candies. Your favourite show on TV is about to start but you don’t have the proper food to go with the show. That’s not good in any case because the best thing about the games is having fun with the snacks. Coles offers a lot of good deals on these products. Browse them all and follow our Facebook page where we share the updates about future Coles catalogue deals. Our favourite sod packs from Coca-Cola, Sprite, Lift, Cocobella, Maximus and more brands are available at lower prices on pg 6-7. You should also see breakfast foods including Moccona coffee and Lavazza. They have a really good choice of coffee or breakfast tea varieties.

More deals in snack category:

Soda packs and soft drinks :

Cadbury chocolate fingers biscuits is another half-price deal and much more similar products will be available in the

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