Coles Catalogue Snack Sale 1 – 7 May 2019

Have some snack around while you watch your TV Show. Nowadays, Game of Thrones is the most popular TV show all around the world. Every Sunday they have a new episode. I believe that TV show deserves some respect, however, some of their episodes got boring. In case, they have new episodes with an equal amount of boredom, all I can recommend you to have some snacks. Don’t overeat though, because they are the source of fat. Most of them are nothing but carbs. Especially, sugary things are really dangerous when you eat them much. Sugarless coke, mineral water, and similar sugarless products are best to go with these snacks. Mars Maltesers, Arnott’s, Snickers, Cascade, and more snacks are available in the Coles Catalogue 1 – 7 May. This is like a preview and the prices are valid starting on Wednesday.
Popular brands of chocolate bars, choc chips, some lo carb, and other nutritional snacks are also nice alternatives. Browse the cereals and more breakfast foods. Coles offers a great range of pantry. Campbell’s soups, Cobram Estate extra virgin olive oil, Moro, and more are also available in stocks of Coles supermarket.

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