Coles Catalogue Snack Sale 12 – 18 Jun 2019 | Half-Price Sale

Snacks are spread all over the catalogue but there is still a part of the Coles snack sale starting on pg 14. You can browse a range of chocolate bars, candies, chocolate biscuits, potato chips, and more. A deal will be valid for Lindt Excellence variety. You can either buy 95% Cocoa or Extra creamy for only $3 and that means you save $1.25. Shop these products on Wednesday until next week on Tuesday. Save huge on Ferrero Collection. Buy 24 pack collection or 30 pack Ferrero Rocher for $11 and save $8.
Coca-Cola has three different items that are on sale. The drinks are available on pg 17. Coke, energy drink, sports drink, and water packs will cost lower. You can get a donation card at Coles. SecondBite donation card details are on the same page with these products. Subscribe to the newsletter or follow our Facebook page to these deals on your feed. Also, see Coles Catalogue grocery sale with plenty of interesting deals for the weekly food or non-food categories of shopping items.

Hair and body care, baby products, vitamins and minerals, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, and more are the non-food categories in the latest Coles Catalogue. I believe you can find some really good saving in the catalogue. The list above is just example deals from the catalogue. To see the full product range, please browse the pages.