Coles Catalogue Snack Sale 24 – 30 Apr 2019

Red Rock Deli chips 80g pack is on sale. Arnott’s cracker chips crackers, M&M’s, Starburst, Smith’s, and more popular snacks are in the snack sale by Coles Catalogue. View pg 20-21 for the details of many good soda packs, too. Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Pepsi Max, Schweppes, and more are also in this range. The Natural Cracker Co. farmhouse cheddar, honey soy chicken, and sea salt & vinegar are at half prices. I have two favourite breakfast snacks. One of them is Oreo cream cookies and it will cost only $1. We can see these 137g packs of Oreos on pg 23.
Also, find the brands of beverage, tea, and more soft drinks on pg 24-25. Oreo biscuits are possibly the most favourite snacks that go with Twinings English breakfast tea. Those tea bags of 80-100 pack will be $3.50 cheaper this week. I think that’s the best breakfast tea ever made. If you like to make your own filtered coffee in the mornings, I recommend you coffee capsules and other coffee types on pg 25. You have more than that. Coles has offers of Pesto sauce, Moro El Primero extra virgin olive oil, Dolmio extra pasta sauce, and more pantry products.

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