Coles Catalogue Snack Sale 29 May – 4 Jun 2019

All your favourite snacks, popular brands, chocolate bars, chips, crackers, and more are available in the Coles Catalogue Snack Sale. Nestlé or Mars medium bars, M&M’s, and more are gonna cost half the regular prices. Visit pg 3 for them and go to pg 16-17 to discover Allen’s snakes, Kinder chocolate, Thins chips. All of them are on sale and some of them are half-price deals! Red Rock Deli chips, unsalted mixed nuts, thinly cut potato chips, and twisties are my favourite chips. Red Rock Deli Chips with three different flavours are your half-price deals on pg 18. Buy popcorn for only $1.60!
Snacks that you can find in the catalogues of Coles are exactly the types to stock up for TV. If you like TV shows like Chernobyl that is going on pretty successful right now, I recommend you to check these snacks although the mini-series is not very appropriate for eating something while watching. HBO has done exciting and thrilling TV series lately. Game of Thrones ended its last season was only enjoyable if you have something really good to eat. But don’t worry! Coles is always here for you to save more on snacks.

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