Coles Catalogue Snack Sale 5 – 11 Jun 2019

Stock up your favourites for the Coles Catalogue 5 – 11 Jun 2019 prices. Chips, energy drink, coke, candies, and more will be on sale at Coles supermarket. Visit pg 9-11 for a special sale of snacks and drinks. In most grocery catalogues, snacks are the promotional products for the games. Watch your favourite sports show while eating your favourite food. Everything is on sale, classic snacks are in the range. Coles has a relatively smaller part for the snacks in this catalogue. I recommend you to see it for yourself on the catalogue pages. Furthermore, you’ll be able to track the future Coles Catalogue deals via a free subscription. Leave your email for us to send you the notifications about similar deals.

Here are some important snack deals from the latest catalogue:

Soda packs, candies, and more:

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