Coles Catalogue Snacks 14 – 20 Nov 2018 | Christmas Treats

There are essential snacks you should have stocked at home. Some of them including chips of cookies, breakaway chocolate biscuits, tortilla chips, Maltesers, Grain Waves and much more are available at half prices or dropped prices. Monster Energy drink is one of the Coles specials. Coca-Cola, Schweppes, Maximus sports drink in the beverage shelf. Cadbury favourites are Christmas treats. Christmas celebration might require a number of snacks and candies including such chocolate boxes. Stock the chocolate boxes, chocolate bars, candy bags and get the brands like Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury at Coles stores this week. Coles offers amazing deals on many good foods from more categories. Seafood, meat, deli meat, a new recipe of McKenzie’s bliss balls that is a perfect sweet for Christmas.

Browse the beverage deals featuring soda packs like coke and Schweppes.

Merry Christmas! You will find chocolate and candy bags of brands including Cadbury, Lindt Lindor and Ferrero Rocher on pg 6-7. Don’t forget to see these awesome discounts. Coles has always been a place to find nice candies and sweets for celebration events like Christmas or New Year.

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