Coles Catalogue Snacks 15 – 21 Jul 2020 | Half-Price Sale

The new half prices are not only for basics.Coles Catalogue Snacks 15 - 21 Jul 2020 Shop snacks at Coles supermarket and buy them at half prices. Browse some of the popular snacks such as Cadbury Roses, Peckish, Maltesers, and more in the latest Coles Catalogue. New and exclusive deals are also available in the new catalogue. One of them is the Cadbury old gold block chocolate which appears on pg 23. All Coles Catalogue Snacks 15 – 21 Jul sale items are interesting. A portion of the snack range of the catalogue is beverage range. Again, some good discounts on products like coke, energy drinks, and more soft beverages can be really interesting for you. If you want to keep yourself fit, I don’t recommend eating too many snacks but having them from time to time is really enjoyable. Besides, it doesn’t have to be unhealthy. You can always replace chips with some ice cream. Check out Coles frozen food section for ice cream deals, too.

Coles Catalogue Snacks 15 – 21 Jul and half prices:

Beverage deals and more snacks:

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