Coles Catalogue Snacks 15 Jan 2020 | New Deals

Coles Catalogue Snacks 15 Jan 2020 | New DealsShop new deals on your favourite brands of chips, soda, energy drinks, biscuits, etc. at Coles supermarket. The snacks are awesome. At least they are cool for regular times. I think most of them suck, too. But suppressing your hunger with snacks is really enjoyable. Although that’s true, it’s not healthy. Even small chips contain a lot more calories than you would think. Try to rely on fiber. For example, oatmeal and healthy snacks with some milk. Some biscuits are made with a high amount of fiber. Coles got half-price deals on Cadbury favourites, Turkish delight, and more confectionery products.

Buy your favourite brands like Ferrero Rocher, Mars, Cadbury, Maltesers, KitKat, and more with their finest chocolates. Also, Pascall or Sour patch bag 160g – 350g will cost 2 for $6. Similar sort of products is viewable in the snack category of the catalogue.

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