Coles Catalogue Snacks 17 – 23 Jun 2020

Coles Catalogue Snacks 17 - 23 Jun 2020Snacks have their own world in a supermarket. And whenever a publication is updated, they have a special place. This is true, particularly for Woolworths and Coles Catalogues. For example, this week the Woolworths Catalogue has Big Night in competition. In fact, they have been doing the competition for some time now. Big Night in the sale is very easily noticeable in a catalogue. Like that participating range of snacks in that one, Coles’ snacks and drinks sale shine like a mirror in the content of the new Coles Catalogue. Half-price deals are maybe important for you. There is no doubt they are really profitable. And snacks are easy to buy more than one. You can easily store them. Most of them will not be bad for a long time. Coles has got a nice beverage sale this week. Buy Pepsi, Solo or Schweppes soft drink will cost half this week. 10x375mL will cost only $5.52. Shop some confectionery and chocolate boxes at Coles supermarket. Browse Coles Catalogue snacks 17 – 23 Jun sale for half prices on pg 17.

Confectionery and Chocolate Blocks

Though they are some high-calorie delights, I think only the sheer commitment can give up eating mouth-watering chocolate blocks and candies. Biscuits, chips, and Green & Black’s Smooth or organic block chocolate are all on sale. Check out some of the deals by Coles today:

Beverage deals:

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