Coles Catalogue Snacks 22 – 28 May 2019

Snacks are popular brands like Doritos chips or M&M’s packs this week. In the Coles Catalogue, it’s easy to spot these on pg 2-3. Most of them are traditionally beloved snacks. But there is also a part of the half-price range there. Visit pg 2 to see some pantry products such as La Espanola olive oil, Sistema to go mini bites, Wild Tides tuna, Gold Sunset canola, veg oil that are all half-price savings. Coles Catalogues usually promote new items. One of the new products is the Pringles minis are new to the catalogue and retail range of Coles weekly specials. Pay only $5 for 2 of them! Arnott’s block chocolate 170g will cost only $3! Soft drinks and soda packs are an elementary part of the junk food category. Coles offers “down down” price drops and half-price sale on pg 8-9. That’s the part of the catalogue with Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Schweppes, and more items.

See these half-price items on pg 1-3:

Buy candies or sweet snacks like Marshmallows to be happy. It’s scientifically proven that when we eat sweets it makes us happy. The basic reason why the carb foods are so tasty is this. Snacks are mostly carbs and fat. When these two combined they are tasty. Well considering the carbs will eventually turn into fat in your body (when an excessive amount is received) we can also think that carbs are almost fat. Basically, whatever is fatty is tasty.