Coles Catalogue Snacks 22 Jan 2020 | Peckish, McVitie’s, Cadbury

Coles Catalogue Snacks 22 Jan 2020These prices will be valid on 22 Jan. Check out the new half-price sale of the latest Coles Catalogue snack sale. Peckish rice crackers are one of the products that will be sold at half price this week. Crackers, chips, biscuits, and more products are what you can mostly see in the supermarket’s snack range. But their chocolate variety is also elegant and people love brands like Lindt and Cadbury. You have new half prices in the chocolate and confectionery, too. Cadbury Favourites is a great example for that. Visit pg 25 for the details of such products at half prices. Some products are down down deals. Coles Catalogue Snacks 22 Jan 2020 deals are both enjoyable and profitable for everyone.

If you are looking for some supplement-like snacks that are rich in fibre and protein, Coles has got them, too. In the catalogue, visit pg 23 for Lo Carb, Protein Bar, and more products. Coles Catalogue Snacks 22 Jan 2020 deals can be worth seeing today:

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