Coles Catalogue Snacks 17 – 23 Oct 2018 | Half-Price Discounts

Cadbury Sharepack, Red Bull, Bulla Creamy classics ice cream, Nivea deodorant are half-price deals on the first page. Tomato Mozzarella kiev family pack is a nice dish you should try. Pay the only half price for that product and see more on the pg 2-3. A great part of a snack stock can be found in the snack part of the Coles Catalogue. Red Rock Deli corn Chips is a new product in this sale. Pay only $3.50 for it. Nexba sparkling infusion drink or tonic water mixers is another deal on pg 2. Its price is currently $4.95. Cadbury Dairy milk is nearly a half-price deal. Pay $3 and save $2 on that product. Doritos snack crackers is a similar deal. Save $1.50 on a $2 snack. Buying snacks that are sold with such deals is really a profitable approach to weekly shopping. Because snacks would not be in the essentials list of shopping, they look like an extra expense, however, these deals make it much easier.

Check out these half-price deals:

Find 4 more products on pg 3. Special reserve potato chips of Red Rock Deli, family bag of the Natural Confectionery Co., Fantastic Delites and Wrigley’s extra bottle gum will cost less this week. Less is more. You will find much better deals through the catalogue preview. Coles has deals on Golden Circle tetra juice, Pepsi Max and Schweppes soft drink, and more beverage packs on pg 4-5.

Coles has also a nice Halloween sale. Witch hat, cape, spider web, and more spooky gifts and Halloween treats are available there. Visit pg 6-7 for these deals. You can buy Cadbury bites tub for only $6. Lindt Lindor chocolate 100g bag will cost only $5. You can follow our Facebook page where you can see all these posts. You can also download the app on iOs or Android for a more convenient experience.