Coles Catalogue Snacks 24 – 30 Jun 2020

Buy chocolate blocks of the top brands, popular beverage products, chips, and another kind of companions of your favourite TV show at Coles supermarket. Coles Catalogue Snacks 24 - 30 Jun 2020Now, nobody would like to end up being a couch potato but snacking around from time to time playing games or watching movies is arguably the best thing to do at home. Plus, Coles offers a lot of half-price deals. One of them is the Natural Chip Co. corn chips 175g pack that will cost only $1.75 this week. Chips and cookies are alright but most people actually visit the snack shelf for the refreshment. Soda, energy drink, fruit juice, and more products are going to cost cheaper this week. Popular brands like Lipton ice tea might be interesting offers on pg 20. If you have a habit of eating cookies with some coffee or milk, you might as well buy some top quality ones. Coles has new flavours of Ultimate Original cookies on pg 21. Browse some of the items of Coles Catalogue Snacks 24 – 30 Jun:

½ prices:

Beverage deals at Coles:

More deals, more catalogues, and more content related to regular weekly shopping or other elements of the savings can be in your inbox if you subscribe to the newsletter completely free of charge. Coles Catalogue Snacks 24 – 30 Jun are all in this part of the catalogue but not all the items were listed above. Visit the catalogue to see the entire product range.

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  1. WHY dont you make up your mind what price you are actually going to sell your PEPSI VARIETIES of 24 CANS FOR I have found 3 different prices since your sneak peek catalogue was released. $14.40 or maybe $14.20 or $12.50 as was the 1st priced. VERY CONFUSING for customers who are TRYING 2 BUDGET AND KEEP SHOPPING AT YOUR STORES. WILL BE TAKING MY BUSINESS ELSEWHERE BUT WHAT DO U CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER LOYALTY.

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