Coles Catalogue Snacks 28 Aug – 3 Sep 2019

Get your stocks in bulks with the Coles deals. Coles Catalogue offers a snacks and beverage range that you can enjoy while we enter the spring months. Powerade, Schweppes, Coke, and more products are in the range of Coles Catalogue snacks sale. Browse them on pg 14-15. Pepsi or Solo soft drink 1.25L will cost $1.65 at Coles starting on Wednesday. Favourite brands of chips, chocolate bars and similar snacks are also in this aisle. Save half on Smith’s chips this week. Smith’s Chips is an English snack and it’s been around since 20s. The story of Smith’s goes back to 1920 when Frank Smith founded it. Australian made Smith’s chips are now popular across the whole country but it’s now very old Aussie snack. For Aussies, Australian made products are more important than you can imagine. In all catalogues, sales, aisles, stores they emphasize if it’s Aussie made. Smith’s products in Australia are also made with the Aussie soil. You can get detailed information about Smith’s chips on their site. Buy Smith’s chips at half prices this week. Good old fashioned salty potato chips, Cadbury medium bar, and more snacks or refreshing drinks are available in the range of Coles Catalogue.

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