Coles Catalogue Snacks 5 – 11 Sep 2018 | Half-Price Sale

Half-price deals on Doritos, Magnum ice cream, Cadbury Dairy milk, Coca-Cola, are available on the first page. Footy finals snacks could be interesting offers for many. Visit pg 2-3 for the details of candies and snacks. Mother Energy drink will cost only $6.85 that is a down down the deal. H2 Coco coconut water, Cadbury Favourites and more are half-price deals, too.

Pepsi Max is a sugarless coke and it will be $17.50 for 24x375mL. Coles Juice of 2L bottle can be purchased for $2. Prepare yourself for gatherings and stock up as many candies as you like. Red Rock deli chips is one of the top choices among all Coles customers. Lindt Lindor chocolate bag is only $5. Don’t forget the Tic Tac mints that will be $1. Familiar soft drinks and many of the chips or chocolates are on sale. Cadbury Dairy milk CC’s and Kettle Salt are new products that are only $2.50. Check out more delicious food. Frozen pizza for 470-500g is $3. Everybody likes Magnum ice cream. Today, you can see the new flavour of these ice cream sticks. 4-6 pack of Australian almond ice cream of Magnum. I think you will have a lot to see in the new Coles Catalogue.

½ price deals from snacks category:

Arnott’s Jatz, Shapes, Kingston, Mars and more snacks are on the same part. More products like Allen’s medium bag, Zooper Dooper, party pies, are in the snacks category.

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