Coles Catalogue Snacks Christmas 28 Nov – 4 Dec 2018

Celebrate Christmas a little earlier with buying quality food and snacks at Coles supermarket this week. Coles Catalogue Snacks Christmas 28 Nov Preview can show you the half-price deals of on the first page where Red Rock Deli chips, Allen’s medium bag, Dove body wash, Zooper Dooper with ½ prices are available. Shop Schweppes pack of 4, Frantelle spring water pack of 24 and Coke pack of 30 at cheaper prices of the week. Visit pg 2 to see all of them. More half-price snacks are chocolate bars, Pringles, chips, and Cadbury. In snacks categories, there is usually bags of candies and snacks that are obviously prepared specially for Christmas and holidays. You have more good prices of soft beverage on pg 7. Sanpellegrino soft drink cans will cost half. Pay only $4.85 a for pack of 6. More recipes, Christmas products, bakery, seafood, meat, Christmas decorations and accessories may be interesting to you. In the catalogue, find pantry products like Annalisa tomatoes, MasterFoods squeezy tomato or barbecue sauce, Uncle Bens products, and John West canned seafood. Get your vitamins and essential oils from the high-quality canned seafood of a world-wide brand.

Specials and more deals:

Don’5 forget to get your 20% discount on Chrismtas decoration products that are available on pg 16-17.

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