Coles Catalogue Specials 1 – 7 Feb 2017

First Coles special product is appearing on pg 14 when you browse this catalogue page by page.Coles Catalogue Specials 1 - 7 Feb 2017 Don’t skip that page because great deals are available on that one for you. You can save $6 per kg of Bertocchi sopressa. Bertocchi brothers special meat products are featured on pg 14.

Bertocchi triple smoked ham $22 kg
Bertocchi sopressa $23 kg
Bertocchi cold pressed silverside $18 kg
Beretta Matonella Prosciutto $40 kg

Healthy food sales of Coles, containing different products like Helga’s wraps and lower carb bread, can be seen on pg 16. With this special deal “everyday price” of Helga’s lower carb bread can be purchased for only $4 ea ! More everyday prices appearing on the catalogue on pg 17 are:

Coles bakery continental rolls 3 pk $2.50 pg 17
Coles bread $2 ea
Coles cupcakes 4 pk $3.50

Some food products are quick, practical deals which can be a help for your kid who goes to the school everyday. It’s a simple but useful lunchbox idea by Coles. See these products on pg 20.

Bega cheese block or slices 250g $4 ea pg 20
Bega stringers or sticks 8 pk 160g $4 ea

Don shaved meats 250g $2.75 pg 21

Coles Specials on pg 22 are ice cream products. Inclusive of Magnum, Golden Gaytime, calippo water ice and many more products are available in this range.

Streets Blue Ribbon Gelateria 900mL pg 22
Paddle Pop 10 Pack
Golden Gaytime 4 Pack
Blue Ribbon Oreo Tub 1.25L $5

Many more items of non-foods range of this Coles Catalogue can be seen as you go further. Starting from pg 26 you can see the deals of non-foods including personal care items.

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