Coles Catalogue Specials 11 May 2016 | Half Prices

Coles Catalogue Specials 11 May 2016 live product range including half priced items of fresh food, meat, snacks, beverage and more. Coles offers half priced products in this week.

Coles Catalogue Specials 11 May 2016

All essentials to convert turn your kitchen a professional cooking zone are possible to find in Coles Catalogues. Plenty of new Coles products can be browsed in this page. Weekly specials of Coles have always been on top of list of shoppers who seek for good deals.

SNACKS and BREAKFAST food like Kellogg’s coco pops, Twinings breakfast tea were featured on pg 6 today. HALF PRICE is everywhere in any Coles Catalogue. Special food for winter in-store and online prices are available on pg 8.

CANNED FOOD and pantry sale featuring items from $2 and half price of gold choice canola oil on pg 10-11. Heinz beanz full of nutritional values has been priced 2/$3 on pg 12. EVERYDAY prices of pantry food are also among deals.

DELI and DAIRY Pro-activ, Chobani yogurt, Bega cheese, Tasmanian heritage cheese with latest prices on pg 16&17. FROZEN FOOD has also been featured in the new Coles Catalogue. Magnum classic, Peters Original 2L, McCain chips, and many more products are also contained.Coles Everyday prices 9 may 2016

If you wanna have a good recipe at dinner check out pg 22 of Coles Catalogue. Masterchef ideas for your kitchen with the harmony of meat products and your favorite spices grilled after an instant appetize coming from your veins. Don’t reject this demand by your body. Get some from Coles MEAT selection featuring No added hormons products.

For your kitchen :

  • Nouvelle cuisine copper plated untensils $10
  • Cup bowls $18 ea
  • German steel knives $10 ea


Cleaning supplies, shampoos, soaps, half prices of self care products and many more ! From pg 30 browse for these products of Coles at fair fares. Medicinal sale at Coles featuring cold and flu relief products and Swisse tablets could be helpful.

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