Coles Catalogue Specials 13 May 2015

Coles Catalogue Specials 13 May offers best meat of the week, weekly specials, seafood, deli, frozen food, summer drinks, healthy and simple meals, houshold supplies, cleaning supplies, baby products, clothing and Coles prices are excellent for you. Coles Catalogue Specials 13 May 2015The best offers of the retailer for the week can be seen on the catalogue.


On 13 May you can shop for the meat and fresh food with the special prices. Don’t miss the recipes of this week from Curtis. With MasterChef advice prepare the best for your family. I also browsed Woolworths Catalogue. I think they tried to put more emphasize on dairy and deli products this week. Coles is the correct place for the meat this week.
100% Aussie Lamb $8 kg
Whole chicken $8
Chicken Portions herb sprinkled $6
Beef meatballs $4.50
On pg; 4 you can read the recipe of Cheese-filled roasted chillies. And see the new fresh food prices. Fresh groceries are paper variety in this week. On the catalogue you can see a chart showing the degree of bitterness of the chillies. Various chillies are put on that page.


Chef gives you a great pizza recipe on pg; 9 of the Coles Catalogue. Check out bakery and seafood offers on pg; 7-8. Also see dairy products like yoghurt, and oils on pg; 10. On each page you may meet a new Coles Specials.
Larget Australian prawns $17 kg
Tasmanian Salmon $10.50 ea
Olives $16.80 kg
Packed bread, bakery rolls and other bakery products on pg; 6.


The specials are mostly in snacks and chocolates. Browse pg; pg; 13-18 for the chocolates, snacks, chips, packed simple meals, cereals, breakfast food, and recipe of Pizza, Lasagne, Chicken with Fragrant Jasmine Rice and Paprika Scotch Fillet by various chefs. You can cook like a chef when you read the Coles Catalogues.
New Coca Cola Life 4×330 mL $4 pg; 10
Coca Cola Life 10×375 mL 2 for $14
This version of Coke contains 35% less sugar than regular coke. They use Stevia sugar which is 200 times sweeter than Glucose which is the sugar regularly used in most of confectionery and beverage. This means much less energy with tasting the same coke.
Cadbury chocolate biscuits $2 pg 11
Cadbury Breakaway Chocolate Biscuits $3
Kirks Soft Drink varieties $5
Doritos Chips, Golden Circle Apple Juice, Jumpy’s Snack French Fries 2 for $5 pg; 12

Read more posts of Coles Catalogue on this page for more products. We will keep writing about the products. The best way to know about the specials is to read full catalogue.

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  1. i would like to know why we dont get catalogue deliveries any more in beatus st unanderra drop in eight weeks.i dont expect an answer as woolworths did not. thanks gary.

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