Coles Catalogue Specials 20 May 2015

Coles Catalogue Specials 20 May 2015 is new sale of weekly shopping products. Coles Catalogue Specials 20 May 2015MasterChef recipes are again a focus of this catalogue. Your family will be happier than ever with these delightful recipes. You can reach all the recipes on the first pages. Half price specials of Coles Catalogue is another source of happiness. Save a lot with the weekly shopping advice of Coles. On the cover page you can check out some of the half price products such as Lindt chocolate, coke, pizza, and baby nappies.
Coles Catalogue this week offers regular weekly shopping items. Fresh groceries, fruits, meat products, Coles specials, snacks and chocolates, original coffee varieties, packed food, dairy products, deli, personal care items, household items, clothing and stationery are included to this range.


Coles Catalogue Specials 20 May is a chance to cook delicious meals for dinner. Learn the recipes while getting the ingredients for best prices at Coles Stores.
Learn how to braise beef on pg; 2.
Check meat prices on pg; 3.

There is beef, sausages, chops and chicken.
Pumpkin-Barley soup with hazelnut on pg; 4.
Butternut pumpkin NSW, $0.70 pg; 5.
Seafood and packed meat products on pg; 6-7.

Other recipes are Chorizo Mac’n’ cheese on pg; 8, vegemite breakfast quesadilla, banana sultana bran on pg; 20. Even more recipes of Coles are featured on this catalogue.


From 20 May 2015 you can shop for excellent specials of Coles and great prices of packed food varieties including dairy products.
Soft drink varieties like Coca Cola on pg; 13.
Chocolate packs and some juice on pg; 14-15.
Coles Everyday sale of packed food on pg; 16&17.
Soft drink, cereals, chips, coffee and tea on pg; 18-19.
Packed food, coffee varieties, protein drink, on pg; 21.
Coles Special of Heinz Beanz, chunky beef, creamy tomato etc on pg; 22.
Even more packed food like canned fish variety, sauces, pancake mix, on pg; 23-26.

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