Coles Catalogue Specials and Recipes 17 Jun – 23 Jun 2015

Again we got the chance to see new Coles Catalogue specials and recipes in between 17 Jun and 23 Jun 2015. Coles Catalogue Specials and Recipes 17 Jun - 23 Jun 2015Coles Catalogue Specials and Recipes 17 Jun 2015 products are generally the ones we used to see on these catalogues especially in 2015. They put a special attention on the new recipes again. Curtis Stone and more talented people write these recipes for the visitors of Coles Catalogue. Customers like these recipes upon the simplicity, taste and cost of them. Everyweek in May and Jun we had these to read. Very good choice of Coles Catalogue in these recipes are “Coq au Vin Blanc”, “Lemon panna cotta”, and ingredients for these recipes are available at Coles Catalogue.


Coles Catalogue product categories are listed below. Please use the links of the products you want to view and click on the link to go to the page.

Recipe of Coq Au Vin Blanc and chicken offers pg; 2-3.
Australian lemons $0.80 ea (5 for $2) pg; 5.
Coles bakery everyday sale pg; 6&7.
Packed rounds, bread variety and cakes on pg; 8.
Deli products such as sliced milano loin ham, salmon 4 pack pg; 9.
Recipe of Chicken and Ricotta Pizza pg; 10
Kraft cheese variety, Chobani yoghurt, juice pg; 11.

Try new products of Coles. See pg; 12&13 for Chobani otas, Greek style yoghurt, Yoplait Bon Apetit yoghurt, Coca Cola Life and more on these pages.

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