Coles Catalogue Stikeez 12 – 18 Feb 2020 | Spend $30 Get One

Coles Catalogue Stikeez 12 - 18 Feb 2020Famous Coles Stikeez is coming back to the Coles Catalogue on 12th Feb, and today, you can see 24 collectable Stikeez on the preview. Last year, people formed a line to get one of these. This year, Stikeez is a bit different regarding the characters. For example, last year we saw Stikeez like shopping carts and miniature figures of popular products like Nutella. Coles also creates a Coles fresh 5 challenge. This challenge involves protein, fruit, calcium, grains, and vegetables. To encourage folks and kids to have a healthy diet, Coles tries to promote this challenge on the new catalogue. Get details about the Coles Stikeez on this pdf file. Fresh Stikeez collectibles campaign may cheer everyone up after recently received bad news from all around the world. Besides, this is also a contribution to society as an encouragement that will lead to a healthy life. You can also see the full list of 24 collectibles of Coles Catalogue Stikeez 12 – 18 Feb on pg 3.

Coles Stikeez is on based on fresh fruits and vegs. Likewise, Woolworths has also miniature characters. But they didn’t announce something related yet. According to the article by Coles (on that pdf file) customers who collected Stikeez also increased their purchases of fresh fruits and vegs. That’s also another sign that it’s working. So much so 31% of the customers who had Stikeez also bought more fresh produce. They also increased the number of variety of fresh produce by 50%. Supermarkets, local stores, and community collaboration will create wonders with such a strategy of working together.

Coles Stikee is environment-friendly, too. They make Stikeez with recyclable material. They recycle them to make gym matting, mats, retail flooring, etc. Coles also created a page on for detailed information for customers. In the pdf file, more information is available. Spend $30 to get a free Stikeez. 

Coles Catalogue Fresh Products and Fridge Food

You have a great chance to buy a favourite fresh product from this catalogue at a cheaper price. Seafood and deli, bakery, and fridge food are available in this part. Buy MSC raw banana prawns thawed for only $17kg. You can learn some new recipes, too. Check out that John West salmon with lemon & herb crust recipe on pg 8.

Coles Valentine’s Day, Pantry and Grocery Sale

Coles Catalogue Stikeez 12 - 18 Feb 2020Champagne, rose bouquet, chocolate bags like those of Cadbury and Maltesers are celebration products from Coles Valentine’s Day sale. Fresh drinks are available on this part. Stock up some of your favourites at affordable costs of this week. Buy breakfast food and peanut butter at new prices this week. See those prices on this part. Shop coffee and tea on pg 20. The best tea; Twinnings English breakfast tea 80-100 pack will cost only $5.50. You may also find some cereals on pg 21.


Pantry and dinner:

Coles Frozen Food Deals and Half-Price Sale

Buy some ice cream before the summer walks away. Enjoy Australian days and do that with some quality food from the Coles frozen range. Half-price deals on some frozen meals can also be interesting. You will be able to buy Patties Party meat pies for $3.90.Coles Catalogue Stikeez 12 - 18 Feb 2020

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