Coles Super Hero Builders 2 – 8 Aug 2023

Coles releases new hero collectables of DC characters starting from 2nd Aug. This is a great competition agains Woolies’ Disney collectables. Just like other collectable deals, you will collect for your $30 purchase. Coles Catalogue 2 – 8 Aug 2023 shows participating items and what you can get for purchasing them. From the Joker to Batman, all fans will find their favourite characters in this DC collectable range. Go to pg 21 for T&C. Bonus Characters can also be yours if you purchase from participating range which is already a part of half-price sale in the supermarket. On the first page, you can buy Bulla Multipacks 8 pack, Nescafé coffee sachets, and more. What you can buy to get Coles Super Hero Builders:

Coles Super Hero Builders 2 - 8 Aug 2023

  • Get Bonus Characters for buying ½ price Finish, Nescafé, Bulla, and Darrell Lea
  • ½ price grocery: La Espñola olive oil, Vittoria Freeze Dried Instant Coffee, Gatorade
  • ½ price snacks and chocolate: Lindt Cornet, Oreo, Toblerone, Mars, KitKat, and more

See all 35 characters on pg 4. But heroes are not the whole story. This thing is part of a healthy food education. They encourage people to enjoy healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and each character has a connection to a healthy food.

Hero extras:

  • DC Collector Case $10
  • DC Activity Book $4
  • Batmobile Play Kit $10
  • DC Ooshies 4″ Vinyls Assortment $10
  • DC Ooshies 12″ Vinyls Assortment $35
  • DC Boxed Ceramic Mug $6
  • DC Kids Oversized Hoodie $35
  • DC Small Plush Assortment $15

Coles Grocery Sale – Coles Catalogue 2 – 8 Aug

Moreover, this catalogue is a rich source of good deals on grocery items. Save half on your favourite cereals or stock up your usual snacks while they are on sale. A lot of half-price deals are available in grocery category and snacks.

Check out some of them:

  • Cocobella Coconut Water 1 Litre $2.75 pg 15
  • 40% off Mount Franklin Sparkling Water
  • ½ price Nice & Natural Bars, Kellogg’s LCMs or Nutri Grain Bars
  • ½ price Robert Timms Freeze Dried Coffee, Vittoria Freeze Dried Instant Coffee
  • ½ price Vege Deli Crisps, 99th Monkey Natural Almond Butter
  • Many more half-price items are available in the Coles Catalogue.

Coles Super Hero Builders with DC characters is one of the most important shopping events in Australia this week. Don’t forget to check out the website or the latest Coles Catalogue for great deals like this. Learn more on

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