Coles Catalogue Weekly Specials Christmas Sale 11 – 17 Dec 2019

Buy ham, prawns, cherries, and more festive foods to embellish your Christmas table with the low prices you can see on the Coles Catalogue 11 – 17 Dec. Christmas gift cards are also possible to spot in these catalogues. Roasting is a classic way to make a Christmas-themed dinner table and there are many things to roast. One of the recipes for that is available on pg 3. Speaking of such tables, deli and deli-type processed foods or meat come first generally in most cultures. Aussies also like to celebrate Christmas and other occasions this way. Coles offers new deli meat prices on pg 4-5 where you can find cream brie, crackers, Primo Cabanossi, Bertocchi sopressa salami, and more products. You can subscribe to the newsletter for getting deals like Coles Catalogue Weekly Specials Christmas sale.

You should see the Christmas ham sale on pg 6-7, too. Christmas hams are one of the most popular celebration foods in the USA and Europe, too. They have turkey, Christmas ham, and sweets as one of their default elements on the dinner table. Check out Coles brown sugar glazed easy carve ham priced at $9/kg. Turkeys for Christmas are browsable on pg 8. The fresh turkeys will be available in stores of Coles on 17th Dec. You might wanna check the price range on pg 8. Coles Finest Hunter valley free-range whole turkey medium is priced at $42. Prawn plate, salmon roast, and similar delicious food deals are there to see.

Have a look at these Christmas food sale:

Fresh turkeys and Christmas seafood:

You can also find Christmas treats, sweets, chocolate boxes, cake, pies, and similar sweets. In fact, this is one of the ways to save in December regarding family needs because most families shop for Christmas in these supermarkets. Half-price deals on Cadbury, Nestlé, Maltesers, and more chocolate brands are one of the elements that make this catalogue better.

Christmas Gift Wraps, Fresh Produce, and More Deli at Coles This Week

Coles Christmas sale doesn’t stop there at the festive foods of deli-bakery. The Chrismas gift wraps or basically the essentials of gifting are available in the catalogue promoting the new week’s prices. One item to find in that part of the catalogue is Coles festive crackers priced at $5. Also, shop fresh produce, and more deli products including a special sale of Bertocchi on pg 16.

Meat and Bakery Products are also important savings this week. Coles sells Australian beef Scotch fillet steak single priced at $8 pk.

Create Your Platter With Coles Cheese Deals

If you like to prepare platters or serving boards with fine choices of cheese and similar deli products, I may recommend you to see another special by Coles Catalogue this week. Shop Tasmanian Heritage and Mersey Valley cheese deals on pg 20. Moreover, you can have a look at the new price range of dairy products, snacks, more chocolates, in this part of the catalogue.

Coles Catalogue Breakfast Food Sale And More

You can restock your breakfast foods including cereals, muesli, milk, coffee, and more for the catalogue prices. Browse pg 28 – 30 for a satisfying range of low prices. Also, frozen foods will be on sale starting on Wednesday. The good ones are viewable on pg 32.

Half-price deals:

Frozen Food:

Coles Catalogue Weekly Specials Christmas sale and more deals by supermarket catalogues like Woolworths, IGA, and more brands are available today. Don’t miss out.

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